We have the following positions available:

Area Sales Manager

Positions in each Post Code Area in UK excluding those already taken.

Ideally you will live in the Post Code Area you are responsible for and all Home in a Dome developments built in your Sales Post Code Area you will be paid for, so if the Home in a Dome site has your Post Code Prefix then you will be paid for it regardless of the invoice address. If you are responsible for example Slough Post Code Area then any Post Code beginning with SL is yours. 

Ideally you will have a mobile telephone and internet access, and a tablet would be useful to show clients our Home in a Dome website. Your clients will be architects and the general public.

You will receive sales leads from our various marketing activities including advertisements in architectural journals and internet advertising.

You will be given £250 per financial year to use for your own sales lead generation with the proviso that any expenditure is backed up with receipts. You may wish to engage in local advertising initiatives in various media. It is your Post Code Area to manage as you see fit so there is a degree of autonomy.

Researching Planning Permission Applications at the Council will also be an effective way of generating Sales Leads.

Phoning and visiting architects will produce potential Sales Leads.


Home in a Dome trades as an Employee Share Ownership Company (ESOC) similar in concept to John Lewis Partnership but with no junior or senior partners. See ESOC.

You will be an employee of Home in a Dome and you will have a share in Home in a Dome ESOC Limited.

This means you will be paid an Annual Dividend on each April 6 th of the Financial Year.

The UK building cost is £1800 per square metre.

An 80 square metre Home in a Dome will cost approximately £145,000.

You will be paid a 1 % commission on total build cost.


Home in a Dome: £145,000 x 1% = £1450
Commission paid to you on the client paying a 10% deposit.
All repeat sales will be paid at the same 1% rate for your Sales Post Code Area.


As an employee of Home in a Dome you will also be a partner in Telepathic Partnership the

organisation that funds Home in a Dome ESOC Limited.

This will entitle you to a pension.

Each partner has an equal entitlement to a pension regardless of the salary and or commission.

So the pension pot will be shared equally among the partners in Telepathic Partnership.


Pension Pot = £10,000,000

Partners = 100

Pension = £100,000 per year for each partner

Telepathic Partnership Investment Opportunities Voting Rights

Partners get to vote on any investment opportunities in any other projects. These investments will affect the value of the pension pot so it is important decisions are made democratically. As our Home in a Dome activity includes using recycled materials we are considering building a “component materials supply stream” which could involve the following:

Save the Sea The removal of plastics from the sea to provide the raw plastic material.

Prorecycle A recycling plant to turn waste plastic into plastic granules.

Maintenance Free A manufacturing plant using plastic granules to make recycled plastic building materials.

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