Triangular Boards

Triangular Boards

Triangular Boards

Recycled Plastic Triangular Boards

The triangular boards are made of recycled plastic which is manufactured at a temperature of 44 degrees C and are suitable for non-tropical areas of the globe. They are of various sizes and are 19 mm thick. The triangles are available in White, Black, Blue, and Brown.

The recycled plastic boards in standard form have a fire rating of Class E. Development is under way to incorporate a fire resistant material in the plastic granule mixture used to make the board. The optional Recycled Plastic with fire retardant will be made available as an option on the improved recycled plastic being made available by the manufacturer of the recycled plastic board.

We recommend Aerogel Board for tropical areas of the globe. Aerogel Board was used on the NASA shuttle craft for its tremendous insulation properties and will be well suited to tropical areas of the globe.

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